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I had to do CPR yesterday on a Trans*male and i felt terrible because  I had to cut their binder off of them. I offered to buy him a new one and just tell me where he buys them and what size because i felt terrible. he said he didn’t mind because i was just trying to save him and so after that we traded numbers and are gonna hang out this weekend and he’s gonna help me with passing





Disney doing it right.

honestly my favorite scene in the movie

Thing about this scene.

It contains:

  • Anne Hathaway, whose brother is gay, and who once said she’ll know she’s had a successful career when drag queens do Anne Hathaway
  • Heather Matarazzo, who is a lesbian
  • And Julie Andrews, who is…Julie Andrews


The thing I like about this looking back on it now is that I never noticed as a kid

it didn’t matter that he had a boyfriend or a girlfriend I just thought ‘oh, so he’s not her husband then’ 

no big explanations, no big deal. Same thing with ParaNorman now. Kids don’t make a big deal about it because it isn’t a big deal; it’s the parents think it is. 

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